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Alba Rods is a small family business which has customer service whilst incorporating the most up to date components and materials available to the custom rod builder. I have, with monotonous regularity, declined offers of inferior blanks and components. Instead I have remained loyal to client expectations and utilise only the finest quality blanks and components available. No look-alikes are ever used.

Blanks & components are almost all sourced from either UK or USA. The main exception beingthe tried and tested FUJI ranges or the superb, Everol ball bearing roller guides.

I use reputable UK manufacturers such as CONOFLEX & CENTURY. Manufacturers used from USA include AFTCO, WINTHROP, PACIFIC BAY.

Top quality threads with finished coatings by FLEX COTE ensure the final rod is of the highest standard.

Should you, as the angler, prefer alternate, quality blanks or components be used for your build I am normally in a position to source them although this may take a little extra time.

The range of stand-up rods are available in lengths to suit the angler from 5ft 6inch to 6ft. All built on tip action "S" glass composite blanks. Available in a variety of line classes to suit most needs. A 5ft 6inch version of the 80-130lb rod, when tested, was found capable of exerting a pressure of 67lbs. Please note that no rod can actually be a 30/50 or 50/80 etc, they are described as such because they are capable of taking lines within the two ranges but in the case of Alba Rods they are best suited to lines of the lower class in each category to maintain balanced tackle. A 30/50 will handle lines within those ranges but is ideal when set up and balanced with 30lb tackle.

Regardless your preferred style of saltwater fishing I have the adaptability in the workshop to accomodate your needs. All of my rods are individually built to order after discussions with the client on preferences be that reel seat positions or style, grip type or length, type of guide, rod length, colour schemes and the likes. If parts are in stock the build time is normally around 2 - 4 weeks but this may be extended should requested parts have to be imported or a special order placed.

Best fishing rods for fishing in Scotland

To claim to be a good angler is a big deal, especially in Scotland, because that is the place where fishing is a passion, not only a hobby. If you want to try out your skills as a fisherman on the Scottish rivers and lochs, then you need to take all your knowledge and experience and hope for good weather. And if you want to know how to make the best out of your fishing time there, then keep reading, because here are a few tips that will help you with that, for sure.

The real fishing experience is nothing without feeling the nature and being a part of it, knowing what it can bring you but also what it can take from you. In order to do that consider to spend a few days out in the wild on your own and without any help, because that is what will bring you the real fishing adventure in Scotland, the home of great landscapes and many lakes.

One of those lakes is Loch Lomond, where you can see the whole beauty of Scotland and use the real power of your fishing rod. There you can expect salmon to get hooked on your bait, but to do so you need, as you may already know, to use special equipment. The best rod to use here is a fifteen foot soft actioned carbon salmon fly rod. It should have a slim line profile, because you will want to fish longer and it will be lighter to hold, respond well - with a good bend and won't get easily bended by the wind. Renting a boat there is also a very good idea, but in case you never did boat fishing, you should not consider doing it here for the first time, because of the wind and rough conditions. But in case that is an option for you, then you will also be able to spend some time on many Islands there are on Loch Lomond. But beware, there is no internet for a few days.

Camping and fishing sounds good

Using a salmon or steelhead fishing rod, like the Cabela's Pro Glide or one of the Alba rods, you will be prepared for what is expecting you in Scotland. Loch Leven is one more place you can visit there, but you should know that you will have to fish from a boat, because there is bank fishing prohibited and you should also know that all fish smaller than 11 inches must be returned to the loch. But the advantage of this place is that you can fish some great brown trout and even perch and pike, that show signs of recovery after being almost wiped out. Loch Leven is a little less windy than Lomond and it comes with a specific and interesting surrounding that can be used for camping.

These two are not the only places you can do good fishing at, no, there are many other lochs and rivers you can explore in this part of Great Britain, but we will let you find them on yourself. That way it will me much more an adventure then only a vacation. Make sure to take the right fishing rod with you and may the weather be ever in your favor.

Based on many years of feedback from serious, experienced anglers I have some rod ranges, such as the Alba Powerstick, which are proven in their choice of blank and components however even these can be adapted to suit your own custom requirements.

I also have some serious specialist rods for catfish, saltwater fly up to 15 weight, heavy saltwater spinners, single handed baitcasters and even kite rods.

At the time of writing, Alba Rods have been sold into some 14 countries and used to land just about every species from brook trout, to Nile perch, to great white shark.

Multiple IGFA World line class records have been landed on Alba rods.