Custom Rods, hand crafted in Scotland

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The range of Alba trolling and stand up rods are built on "S" glass or "E" glass composite blanks manufactured in UK. Blanks as standard are black. The rods detailed below are intended as a guide due to the variety of options available, guide choice, butt choice, rod length, grip length, rod livery etc.

First developed in 1990 the Powersticks were intended for use against heavyweight wreck conger. Since then they have been used for most heavyweight UK species, common skate, halibut, shark and an extensive variety of bluewater species from large shark to marlin and tuna. The IGFA 50lb line class porbeagle world record, a 414lb fish, was landed on a 50lb version and tens of dozens of heavy common skate have fell foul of the immense lifting power. The late Vic Sampson used a 50lb POWERSTICK to tag and release a great white estimated at 800lb off S. Australia.

The blanks used are mid to tip action with a massive reserve of power in the lower sections to subdue the hardest fighting game fish. Considerable testing has been undertaken when developing these blanks which have stood the test of time. In the early 1990`s the late Vic Sampson used a special edition 130lb rod to land one of the largest, legally caught fish ever on rod and line, a 1,704 lb great white. The power in these blanks allowed Vic to have the monster shark at the boat in under 30 mins. All rods feature a chevron or diamond butt wind and rod livery is entirely at your discretion.

The rods detailed below are built using standard silver colour components but the option exists for black & gold, black & silver or all gold guides. Alternate guides can be used such as Aftco ball bearing, Winthrop or Everol. The butts quoted are straight however bent butts can be used if requested. . Grips are heavy duty duplon . (contact for quote on alternates)